Duck Tape now available with ADDED Glitter!

March 29, 2016 3:08 pm

In time for Christmas – Duck Tape Colours has announced that they will be releasing 5 Unique Glitter Tapes

These new items will first appear in ALL Hobbycraft stores with an RSP from £4.99

DCK GLITTER TAPE 1.88X5YD AQUA 6CA / PRIMARYThe USP for these items is the Glitter stays where it should on the roll and on the creation that you will make, says Managing Director Colin Gadd

Glitter Duck Tape is perfect for making crafts with a little sparkle (without getting glitter absolutely everywhere). You can use it for everything, from card making and small decorations through to making bags and wallets  Glitter is renowned for being one of the hardest craft materials to work with, which is why we decided to include it in our tape so that you can get all of the effects of a glitter project with none of the draw backs.

The range of colours, includes silver, red, gold, pink, and blue, and can be used alongside our metallic tapes or by themselves.

With 4.5m per roll, there’s plenty for you to work with!

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This post was written by Lee Howes