Shurtape UK Ltd , started life  in June 2010,with initially just two employees and of course the support of a massive global organisation that is Shurtape LLC.

The initial goal was to bring much needed life back to the Duck Tape ® brand that had been available in the UK sine 1999 and needed new focus and investment.

Secondly was to launch into the UK the Frog Tape ® brand which promised to “Keep Paint out. Keeps Lines Sharp ™ , the only tape treated with PaintBlock ® Technology.

The market welcomed this true innovation with enthusiasm, with it becoming very quickly the No1 Masking tape in the UK and Ireland.

In 2014 Duck Tape Colours were introduced with the aim to bring the quality of Duck Tapes to a whole new audience, Crafters, Kids, Teenagers, Upcyclers, Students, Designers…… EVERYONE

The latest addition to the family of BIG and trusted brands was late in 2015 with the introduction of TREX tape, the all weather tape that works longer and holds stronger.